321 Farm Worker Way
323 E Main St and New Harvest Rd
324 E Main St and CR846
325 E Main St and 9th St E
348 Winn-Dixie
357 S 5th St and W Delaware Ave
358 S 5th St and W Delaware Ave
359 S 4th St and Colorado Ave
361 S 1st St and Boston Ave
363 S 1st St and Colorado Ave
364 Immokalee Government Center
365 E Main St and 11th St
367 E Main St and New Harvest Rd
370 S 9th St and Boston Ave
371 S 9th St and W Main St
372 Roberts Center
374 Goodwill on N 15th St
375 N 15th St and 5th Ave
376 N 15th St and Palm Ave
381 Lincoln Blvd and Crestview Dr
382 Lincoln Blvd and Bush St W
383 Lake Trafford Elementary
384 Lake Trafford Rd and Little League Ct
385 Miraham Terrace and Lake Trafford Rd
386 Miraham Dr and Miraham Terrace
387 Miraham Dr & Taylor Terrace
388 Taylor Terrace and Bass Rd
389 Carson Rd and Lake Trafford Rd
390 Carson Rd and Eden Ave
391 Westclox Rd and Carson Rd
392 Collier Health Services
393 Marrion E Fether
394 New Market Rd and Nassau St
395 New Market Rd and Kissimmee St
396 Glades St and Washington Ave
398 Health Dept
399 E Main St and New Harvest Rd
401 W Main St and 3rd St
402 S 4th St and W Main St
404 S 5th St and Stokes Ave
405 Hope Cir and S 5th St North
406 Hope Cir and Willie May Harper Dr
407 Hope Cir and S 5th St S
408 Career Service Center on S 5th St
460 E Delaware Ave and Jones St
461 School Dr & E Eustis Ave
534 Farm Workers Village Maintenance Parking
537 E Eustis Ave and S 1 St
614 N 15th st and Roberts Ave
619 N 1st St and E Main St
623 S 5th St and Palmetto Ave
668 Chadwick Cir & Agriculture Way
669 Chadwick Cir & Agriculture Way
670 N 18th St & 8th Ave
671 Immokalee Dr & Marianna Way
672 Lincoln Blvd & Bush St E
673 Immokalee Dr & Escambia St
674 SR 29 and Farm Worker Way